What Counts as Bankruptcy Fraud?

In the vast majority of cases, when an individual or a married couple ends up in overwhelming debt, they arrived there due to circumstances that were beyond their control, such as a sudden job loss, a family emergency, a workplace injury, or another disability. Fortunately, the U.S. government ...
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What Counts as Bankruptcy Fraud?
Student Loan Debt and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
Debt Settlement or Chapter 7?
How Many Times Can I File Bankruptcy?
Repairing Credit After Bankruptcy
What is Chapter 9 Bankruptcy?
What Do I Have to Pay Under a Chapter 13?
Erasing Credit Card Debt in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
What is Bankruptcy Fraud?
Should You Avoid Credit Cards After Bankruptcy?
Can Taxes Be Wiped Out in Bankruptcy?
Federal Bankruptcy Exemptions

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Attorney Bruce Bridgman explains the importance of having a knowledgeable lawyer for your bankruptcy case.

Bankruptcy Myths

Is bankruptcy a bad thing? Let a Long Island bankruptcy attorney inform you on bankruptcy myths and truths.

Asset Exemptions

Wondering if your assets, such as your home or car, are exempt from Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

Chapter 7 and 13

Most individuals will file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Which one is right for you?

Can I Buy a Home After Bankruptcy?

Find out if you will be able to purchase a home after bankruptcy.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can give you a second chance at a debt free future. Learn more about liquidation bankruptcy today.

Creditor Harassment

Leavengood & Nash offers protection from abusive debt collectors and creditors. If your rights have been violated, call us.

Effects On Future Credit

Does bankruptcy affect a debtor’s future credit?

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The subjects of bankruptcy and debt relief are easily misunderstood. With myths and misconceptions running rampant and due to the fact that every individual's financial situation and goals will vary, determining the right approach to address overwhelming debt can be a difficult undertaking. That is why we recommend connecting with a bankruptcy attorney who can provide you with the insight and guidance you need. This directory was built to offer debtors, both individuals and businesses, with access to helpful information and qualified legal professionals who handle bankruptcy and various other debt-related matters.

Take advantage of this opportunity to quickly and easily compare bankruptcy lawyers in your area, or visit our Bankruptcy Information Center to learn more about this important subject. In working with the right attorney, you can rest assured that your legal rights will be protected and you will be given the accurate information that will help you make the right choices about your financial well-being.

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Price Law Group, Bankruptcy Law Firm

Price Law Group is a bankruptcy law firm that assists clients nationwide with their most imminent bankruptcy and debt relief matters. While their main office is located in Orange County, California, the law firm serves clients nationwide and has office locations in Nevada, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, Colorado, and Kansas, in addition to California. If you are caught up in a tough financial situation and you are unsure of how to handle your overwhelming amount of debt, talk to a bankruptcy attorney from the firm today. They have a talented, experienced legal staff that can help you resolve your debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, debt settlement, or another alternative option.

The firm also provides legal services for foreclosure prevention and defense against abusive creditors. You, as a debtor, have rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. You have rights against creditor harassment and abusive debt collectors that may call at absurd hours or speak to your friends about your debt. The team at Price Law Group works diligently to ensure that each client has their debt related matter taken care of in a swift and pain-free fashion.

As an experienced bankruptcy law firm, they understand that having to face the fact that you owe thousands of dollars to a bank or another company is frightening, and can cause serious psychological harm to a person who does not handle pressure well. Let the bankruptcy attorneys from the firm guide you through the debt relief process no matter where you live. They have helped thousands of debtors in the past, and they will continue to help you and your family to achieve a debt free future. Contact Price Law Group today to schedule your initial, free consultation with an attorney at the firm!

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Can I Buy a Home After Bankruptcy?
Individuals who file bankruptcy often go on to become homeowners ...
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