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Effects On Future Credit
Does bankruptcy affect a debtor’s future credit?
Attorney Bruce Bridgman explains the importance of having a knowledgeable lawyer for your bankruptcy ...
Chapter 7 and 13
Most individuals will file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Which one is right for ...

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¿Necesito asesoramiento crediticio antes de declararme en bancarrota?

Abogado de Miami Julio Cesar Marrero: Antes de ejecutar una bancarrota uno es requerido de hacer unas clases de consejeros que uno tiene que tomar. Pero las clases son muy simples, son cosas que se ...
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Bronson Law Office

H. Bruce Bronson discusses the firm's experience assisting clients with their debt related matters including filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
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Baxter & Baxter, LLP | Vancouver, WA Bankruptcy

When the financial troubles of life come your way, and the creditors won’t stop calling, bankruptcy could be the right choice for you, bankruptcy will not ruin you like the debt consolidation programs ...
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Home Foreclosure

An attorney from Jacoby & Jacoby will help you find a solution to foreclosure through loan modifications, bankruptcy, or by using other means.
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Chapter 13 Repayment Plan

Attorney H. Bruce Bronson explains Chapter 13 Repayment Plans and the advantage of the plan.
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Asset Exemptions

When filing bankruptcy in New York, individuals can get exemptions based upon their marital status for items such as homes and vehicles.
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Introduction to Bankruptcy

Maybe you were laid off and just can't make ends meet. Maybe you were injured in an accident and now your medical bills are piling up. No matter the reason, the resourceful attorneys at the Fuller Law ...
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¿Puedo descargar las cuentas médicas en la bancarrota?

File name: puedo-descargar-las-cuentas-medicas-en-la-bancarrota.mp3 1 Abogado de Miami Julio Cesar Marrero: Los gastos médicos, los gastos de hospitales, son uno de los problemas más grandes que las ...
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Automatic Stay

Mr. Bronson explains what an automatic stay is and how it puts a hold on all wage garnishments, collections, home foreclosures and much more.
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