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Can I Buy a Home After Bankruptcy?
Find out if you will be able to purchase a home after bankruptcy.
Bankruptcy Myths
Is bankruptcy a bad thing? Let a Long Island bankruptcy attorney inform you on bankruptcy myths and ...
Chapter 7 and 13
Most individuals will file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Which one is right for ...

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Will I Lose My Car?

Whether or not a person can retain their car when filing bankruptcy is based upon the value of the car and how much is owed on it.
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Drawbacks or Disadvantages of Chapter 11

Although reorganizing under chapter 11 can be very beneficial, these benefits do come with some burdens.
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Mr. Bronson talks about Chapter 7 bankruptcy, why it is generally considered the best form of bankruptcy to file for and the importance of hiring an experienced attorney to assist with your case.
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An Economic Decision

Attorney Bruce Bridgman explains that bankruptcy is an economic decision to enable you to get a fresh start.
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California Bankruptcy in Cantonese

Maybe you were laid off and just can't make ends meet. Maybe you were injured in an accident and now your medical bills are piling up. No matter the reason, the resourceful attorneys at the Fuller Law ...
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¿Puede un cónyuge llevar a la quiebra a sus obligaciones alimentarias en Florida?

Abogado de Miami Julio Cesar Marrero: En el estado de La Florida los pagos de alimona son tan importantes, que uno no puede declararse en bancarrota y quitarse esos pagos de arriba. El estado de La ...
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Unsecured Debt in Bankruptcy

Attorney H. Bruce Bronson explains how bankruptcy clears out your unsecured debt and the importance of hiring an experienced Westchester County bankruptcy lawyer to assist.
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Marilyn Garner on Good Morning Texas

Attorney Marilyn Garner talks about the types of bankruptcy available and common myths about bankruptcy on Good Morning Texas.
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Is Bankruptcy Right For Me?

A bankruptcy attorney from Jacoby & Jacoby will analyze your financial situation, including your assets and debt, in order to determine the best solution to your situation.
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