Marrero, Chamizo, Marcer Law, LP Videos ¿Puedo pasar del Capítulo 13 al 7?

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¿Puedo descargar las cuentas médicas en la bancarrota?

File name: puedo-descargar-las-cuentas-medicas-en-la-bancarrota.mp3 1 Abogado de Miami Julio Cesar Marrero: Los gastos médicos, los gastos de hospitales, son uno de los problemas más grandes que las ...
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¿Necesito asesoramiento crediticio antes de declararme en bancarrota?

Abogado de Miami Julio Cesar Marrero: Antes de ejecutar una bancarrota uno es requerido de hacer unas clases de consejeros que uno tiene que tomar. Pero las clases son muy simples, son cosas que se ...
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What is a 341 hearing?

Miami Attorney Julio Cesar Marrero: A 341 hearing is a very important meeting of the creditors that you have to have once you file for bankruptcy. This is where the creditors have an opportunity to ...
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What do I do after I am served with a summons and foreclosure complaint?

Attorney Jessica Serrano: I would recommend seeking an attorney because a document must be filed or a response must be filed with the court as soon as possible in order to avoid a default being ...
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May I use Chapter 7 bankruptcy to get rid of all my debts?

Attorney Jessica Serrano: Unfortunately, there are some debts that are not included in chapter seven bankruptcy. Certain debts that are excluded are student loans, some tax liens, depending on the tax ...
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