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can creditors go to an acquaintance's home saying they're going to serve with papers?

creditors went to my sisters ex husband's home asking to speak to me and harrassing her that she better tell me that they're looking for me and that ...
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Should I file bankruptcy before forecloser on my home or after?

Should I file before forecloser on my home or after the forecloser has started.
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About how much in total does it cost to file for bankruptcy?

i want to compare prices. Ive been to one consultation so i only know the one price they gave me.
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Divorce harassment laws, What can I do ?

My ex husband and i bought a car in 2006 and were divorced several months later. On my divorce the car was to go to my ex husband and he had it repo ...
answered by Cho, Sheasby, Chung & Ignacio, LLP View answers »