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Gilman & Edwards, LLC - Loss Mitigation

Are you having difficulty paying your mortgage? Are your mortgage payments too high and unaffordable? Is the value of your house less than what you owe to the bank? If so, you may be a perfect ...
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Gilman & Edwards, LLC - Bankruptcy Assistance Center

The decision to file bankruptcy is never easy, but there are many cases when protecting your home and assets can only be achieved by making use of the nation’s federal bankruptcy laws. The team at our ...
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Gilman & Edwards, LLC - Company Overview

At Gilman & Edwards, LLC, we believe in doing things differently. When you come to us for a consultation, you will meet directly with an attorney and have a comprehensive discussion about your ...
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Foreclosure and how to save your home

Attorney Kasey L. Edwards discusses ways to protect your home from foreclosure, as well as other fiscal matters.
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Discharge Debt

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