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As an alternative to bankruptcy, debt consolidation may offer a borrower a way to consolidate his or her debt under an affordable monthly payment. With debt consolidation, the borrower may take out a single, larger loan to pay off many others. This may be done to secure a lower interest rate or a fixed interest rate, which may result in hundreds or thousands of dollars saved in the long run. This approach may not be the best for every borrower, and as such it is important to consider all of your options. A lawyer may prove to be a valuable resource for information and guidance.

How can an attorney help? As a legal professional, a debt consolidation attorney may be able to address any and all legal ramifications associated with debt consolidation, protecting your rights and financial interests. Dealing with creditors and debt collectors is a notoriously difficult process, and with the proper resources an attorney can address all communication on your behalf in order to help you seek a swift and positive result.

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