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Overwhelming debt can lead to stress, anxiety and frustration. Unfortunately, with the struggling job and real estate markets and the economy in its current state, excessive debt is affecting numerous Americans across the country. Debt settlement may be one way to eliminate a good portion of one's debt without resorting to bankruptcy. Through debt settlement, a debtor works out an agreement with a creditor to pay only a portion of the amount owed while still satisfying the debt in the eyes of the creditor. Creditors may agree to debt settlement as a way to avoid complete non-payment, which may occur if the debtor files for bankruptcy.

A consumer may have different options to consider in regard to debt settlement. The consumer may work out agreements with their creditors on their own, may hire an attorney or may work with a debt settlement agency. Hiring an attorney may be advantageous, particularly when you consider the complexity of working out a legally sound and viable debt settlement agreement.

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