Gregory & Clark, PLLC Articles What Are the Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy?

What Are the Advantages of Filing Bankruptcy?

By Gregory & Clark  Jan. 23, 2011 5:25p

If you find yourself have difficulty sleeping at night, talking to creditors about bills that are past due far too often and have a sinking feeling that you may never catch up, then you may be a candidate for bankruptcy. Many people feel hesitant to utilize this as a solution to financial problems because they feel ashamed that they are unable to pay their bills. Feeling a bit of shame and putting oneself in a better position for the future is however, more important than going under and winding up on welfare or homeless.

A Few Distinct Advantages

You may have overextended yourself in a particular financial situation or perhaps a few, and now find that you are spending more money than you make. Not being able to pay bills can cause a person a significant amount of stress and this may lead to problems in other areas like jobs, relationships and health. You may be experiencing some of these.

Filing bankruptcy is sometimes the best option and gives a person a chance to be freed from the stress and reorganize their life. Many marriages wind up in divorce as a result of financial problems and a bankruptcy can help prevent this from occurring. You may start sleeping better and experience health improvements as well which is also an advantage. You will be able to put more attention on solving problems and preventing future ones as you will also be taking some education classes on handling financial matters as part of the bankruptcy process. You will not have to deal with creditors calling or having people threaten you with repossessions. Wage garnishments and foreclosures can be halted. All in all, the advantages are many and can put you on a better course for future prosperity.

Get Help From an Attorney

If you are in the Orlando area and are experiencing financial difficulties, you should consult with an  Orlando bankruptcy lawyer to help you. At the Law Offices of Gregory & Clark, we are experienced in handling bankruptcy cases and bring relief to many a client. We can help you eliminate your unsecured debt including credit cards, cell phone bills, utility bills, medical bills, department store bills and more, and enable you to have a fresh start. We can also help you with debt reorganization if you are in a situation to be able to do so. Bankruptcy is a detailed process with many benefits and it is important that you get competent help to ensure it is done correctly and per the legal requirements.

Contact an Orlando Bankruptcy Attorney in our office for a free consultation and we will advise you as to your best option to take based upon your specific circumstances.

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