Joseph P. Doyle Articles Trustee Rules Former Mayor Eligible For Bankruptcy

Trustee Rules Former Mayor Eligible For Bankruptcy

By Joseph P. Doyle  Mar. 16, 2011 2:24p

Federal Trustee Changes Mind After Further Review

When the former mayor’s case was first presented before the trustee in February, he had gone on record as saying there was presumed abuse. Now, after reading new documents, he has changed his mind.

The trustee was presented with additional documents pertinent to the case, and decided to re-evaluate case materials. After deliberating on the new facts, he has decided that former Mayor Robert Pastrick does not, in fact, possess too large an income to qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. The filing ruled that the case was not considered an abuse, and that he would be allowed to proceed with the claim.

Former East Chicago Mayor Files For Bankruptcy in Fraud Case

Pastrick filed the bankruptcy claim last December, when the state of Indiana attempted to collect the over $100 million in damages which a civil suit determined he owed.

The embattled politician served as the mayor of East Chicago for nearly three decades. Though the 83-year old has never been formally charged with any crime in relation to his actions, he was served with a civil judgment accusing him of racketeering during the 1999 Democratic mayoral primary.

By filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Pastrick hopes to absolve his debt to the state without being forced to pay back any of the lost funds. The federal trustee reviewing the case had 30 days in which to decide whether his claim should be allowed, dismissed entirely, or converted to another chapter of bankruptcy that would force him to undergo a repayment plan.

The Indiana Attorney General is not impressed, however, saying he is committed to seeking accountability.

A Bankruptcy Lawyer Is On Your Side

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