San Diego Legal Pros Articles Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

Is Bankruptcy Right for You?

By San Diego Bankruptcy Pros  Feb. 11, 2013 11:50a

The consideration of whether to file for a personal bankruptcy can involve tough decisions and a real examination of your financial situation and potential debt relief options. You may consider a bankruptcy filing a sign of failure but millions of Americans have filed for bankruptcy in the last few years due to the economic recession. Furthermore, many famous Americans have done so, including such icons as Abraham Lincoln, Henry Ford, and Walt Disney. The majority of those who file do so due to unforeseen events, such as the loss of a job, reduced hours or wages, investment failures, or spiraling expenses related to an illness, injury, or divorce. If you feel that bankruptcy is only for deadbeats, you may have misconceptions about the purpose and the process involved.

You should consider the possibility of filing for a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy if your monthly expenses far exceed your monthly income or if you are living from paycheck to paycheck without anything left over for an emergency fund. Other indicators which may point to the need for a bankruptcy petition include only having enough monthly funds to make minimum credit card payments or borrowing from one credit card account to pay another. Getting sound information and legal advice can dispel any misconceptions you may have and can lead to debt relief solutions that are right for you.

Effective Debt Relief Strategies in San Diego, California

If you are located in the greater San Diego area, you can learn everything you need to know about bankruptcy and alternative debt relief plans at San Diego Bankruptcy Pros, a Law Office of Jon M. Cooper, APC. The firm focuses on bankruptcy law and other forms of debt relief, including debt consolidation, debt negotiation, and debt settlement as well as collection defense, foreclosure defense, loan modifications, and how to sue harassing creditors.

The firm offers a free consultation concerning your financial problems; if you decide to work with a bankruptcy attorney at the firm, you can get started with little to no money down. It's never too late to get the information you need concerning bankruptcy and related matters. In fact, the sooner you move to resolve your financial crisis, the better off you will be. Contact the firm to arrange for your case evaluation now.

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