Baker & Farris Articles How to Determine if Bankruptcy is Your Next Step

How to Determine if Bankruptcy is Your Next Step

By Baker & Farris  Jul. 25, 2011 10:32a

Financial stress is no stranger to many Californians as many are having a difficult time making ends meet. The majority of people want to pay their bills and keep their financial agreements, but life sometimes has other plans. Circumstances arise that make these agreements difficult and sometimes impossible to keep and the stress continues to mount. Following are some of the more common warning signs that it is time to seek financial help and advice:

  • Your debt keeps increasing and you feel like you can never get ahead;
  • You are essentially living on credit cards;
  • You are paying off credit cards with other credit cards;
  • You are behind on rent or your mortgage (this has become a regular pattern);
  • Your house is in foreclosure or may be soon;
  • You are having fights with your spouse about money problems;
  • You are concerned about items being repossessed;
  • You have debts to the IRS and cannot pay them;
  • You are being harassed regularly by creditors or collection agencies; or
  • You have difficulty sleeping at night as you worry about your financial situation

Competent Legal Help is Available

If you find yourself all too familiar with any number of the above points, you should contact a Butte County bankruptcy lawyer for advice. Continuing to live with serious financial problems can lead to illness or family break ups and it's time to look for solutions. At Baker & Farris, we are here to help. We can advise you as to what options are available to you based upon your specific situation and recommend the solutions that best suit your current difficulties.

You might need debt reorganization, a mortgage modification or foreclosure defense. Filing for  bankruptcy may in fact be the best thing. Filing for bankruptcy is similar to taking time out and it gives you room to breathe. The important thing is to take action and get help from a competent bankruptcy attorney so you can reorganize and look forward to a better and less stressful future.

Contact a Butte County bankruptcy attorney in our office to arrange a free consultation and we will go over the details of your financial situation in confidence.

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