Bankruptcy Attorneys in Nashville, Tennessee

If you want to find a qualified Nashville bankruptcy lawyer, you may feel that your options are limited. With the various law firms that serve borrowers in the Nashville, Tennessee area, it may be helpful to compare services by reviewing their information and contacting their offices. When you get more information about their qualifications and pricing arrangements, you will be better prepared to choose which Nashville bankruptcy attorney should be able to help you with your Chapter 7, Chapter 11 or Chapter 13 filing. You can also find out more about their approach to Nashville, Tennessee bankruptcy and debt related matters to determine whether you feel comfortable with that particular firm or attorney.

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Manier & Herod

One Nashville Place, Suite 2200, 150 Fourth Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37219

Price, Rodgers, Hill & Kolarich

201 Fourth Avenue North, Suite 1800
Nashville, TN 37219

Lefkovitz & Lefkovitz

618 Church Street, Suite 410
Nashville, TN 37219

Robert Scruggs, Attorney at Law

2525 21st Avenue South 2nd Floor
Nashville, TN 37212

Eileen M Parrish

1130 8th Ave S
Nashville, TN 37203

Eisenstein, Moses & Mossman

One Church Street Building, Suite 500
Nashville, TN 37201

Kevin S. Key, Attorney at Law

222 Second Ave North Suite 360M
Nashville, TN 37201

Steven M Moore & Assoc

30 Music Sq W # 301
Nashville, TN 37203

J. Michael Combs, Attorney at Law

404 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37219

Tune, Entrekin & White, P.C.

315 Deaderick Street, Suite 1700
Nashville, TN 37238

The Jones Law Group PLLC

343 Harrison Street
Nashville, TN 37219

Bradley Arant Boult Cummings LLP

1600 Division Street
Nashville, TN 37203

Joe P Binkley Jr Law Office

150 2nd Ave N # 300
Nashville, TN 37201

Neal & Harwell, PLC

150 4th Avenue North, Suite 2000
Nashville, TN 37219

Jeffrey A. Greene, P.C.

One Burton Hills, Suite 330
Nashville, TN 37215

Bankruptcy Press Inc.

PO Box 159013
Nashville, TN 37215

Bone McAllester Norton, PLLC

511 Union Street, Suite 1600, Nashville City Center
Nashville, TN 37219

Nimmo, Hoehn & Nimmo

315 Deaderick Street, Suite 100
Nashville, TN 37238

Howell & Fisher, PLLC

300 James Robertson Parkway
Nashville, TN 37201

Cheadle and Cheadle

129 Second Avenue North
Nashville, TN 37201

Howard Tate Sowell Wilson & Boyte, PLLC

150 Second Ave. North Suite 201
Nashville, TN 37201

Williams & Prochaska, P.C.

401 Church Strreet Suite 2600
Nashville, TN 37219

Salas Slocum Law Group

1611 16th Ave.
Nashville, TN 37212