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If you are struggling with debt, we can help. Contact us for a Free Consultation with a Tucson bankruptcy attorney. We handle Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases, as well as debt negotiation, debt settlement, defense of collection lawsuits, and foreclosure assistance.

Bankruptcy Assistance
Bankruptcy is the legal procedure that allows individuals, businesses, and other organizations to get relief from burdensome debts, either by modifying the repayment schedule, reducing the debt, or eliminating it altogether. Bankruptcy can stop collector harassment, prevent home foreclosure, and help you get back on the right financial path. For business owners, bankruptcy can help restructure debt and allow the business to continue operating.

At Yusufov Law Firm, our foremost goal is to help you resolve your financial difficulties and get your life back on track. If you are considering bankruptcy and would like expert consultation and help understanding the process, Yusufov Law Firm is here to help.

Assistance with Credit Card Debt
If you have overwhelming credit card, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate that debt and put you back on the right financial path. If bankruptcy is not an option for whatever reason, we can negotiate a settlement with your credit card companies on your behalf. If you are already being sued, we can represent you in the lawsuit.

Foreclosure Assistance
If you are in danger of losing your home because you have fallen back on your mortgage payments, a Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy can give you up to several years to catch up on your payments and to bring the mortgage current, thus avoiding foreclosure. If you are facing foreclosure on an investment or business property, we can also assist you by modifying the terms of the mortgage, including the monthly payment and the interest rate, through a Chapter 13 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Mortgage Modification

If you have been trying to get a mortgage modification, but found that the mortgage company is making it too difficult, or simply won't approve your modification, we may be able to help. Utlizing a process recently introduced by the Arizona bankruptcy court, we can facilitate your mortgage modification request through a special mediation program. We will assist you with gathering and submitting the required paperwork, and will represent you throughout the modification process.

If you are being sued for any type of debt, whether a credit card, medical bill, car loan, or a mortgage, we can provide representation in court, and defend you against all allegations brought by the collection company. We can raise legal defenses against the collection company's claims, and where appropriate can seek dismissal of the lawsuit if the collection company cannot satisfy the appropriate legal standards. Where appropriate, we will also negotiate with the collection company to resolve the case in a manner that is beneficial to you.

Yusufov Law Firm is Here to Help You
Whether you are facing foreclosure, are in danger of losing your car, have overwhelming medical bills, want to stop creditors from harassing you, or want to save your business and reorganize your debts, we can provide options to help you address your debt problems.
We have experience dealing with all types of financial problems encountered by individuals and businesses. We will analyze your specific circumstances and prepare an individualized strategy designed to deal with your concerns. Call us today at (520) 745-4429 for a free consultation.

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