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Are you searching for the representation of a San Jose bankruptcy attorney? If so, it may be in your best interest to contact The Fuller Law Firm, PC. Since 1990, the team has been dedicated to helping Northern California residents find solutions to their financial struggles. Before an individual agrees to work with the firm, the team will sit down with them for a free one hour consultation, in which they will help the potential client understand their options before making a financial commitment. If after a full assessment of the individual's financial situation the firm does not believe that bankruptcy would be the most suitable option for them, the team will let them know. Contrary to the belief that bankruptcy is a process reserved for financially irresponsible people, it can actually be seen as an opportunity for a fresh start. Bankruptcy not only gives you the chance to wipe your financial slate clean, it also puts an end to creditor harassment, stops processes such as foreclosure and repossession, reverses bank levies, and ceases wage garnishments.

If you are unsure of what chapter of bankruptcy to file under, the team at The Fuller Law Firm, PC can assist you in determining the chapter that would be most suitable for you to file for. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is intended for those who owe a substantial amount of debt but are unable to pay back any of it. Individuals who receive a certain amount of income are usually not eligible to file for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Those who do not qualify for a Chapter 7 can still file for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows you to keep your property while making monthly payments towards the debt you owe. To find out more about the services a bankruptcy attorney from San Jose may be able to provide you with, contact The Fuller Law Firm, PC.

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