Jacoby & Jacoby Articles Long Island Lottery Winner Helps Family Avoid Possible Foreclosures

Long Island Lottery Winner Helps Family Avoid Possible Foreclosures

By Jacoby & Jacoby  Jan. 24, 2012 10:28a

A local man that shared in a major lottery jackpot with 20 co-workers took his new millions in wealth all in stride. The 74-year-old chose not to switch to an extravagant lifestyle but to instead help his family and others. He put aside a relatively miniscule amount for his wife and himself. He felt that was all the two of them needed considering their simple lifestyle and pensions they were already receiving. He and his wife bought a new car and made a couple trips to Disneyworld, but overall, nothing fancy. The vast majority of his share of the winnings (after taxes, of course) went to their three kids. With the windfall from their parents lottery win, the couple's children were able to pay off home mortgages and reduce the number of jobs they were working to stay afloat. If you are concerned that you may lose your home in a foreclosure don't hesitate to speak with a Long Island bankruptcy attorney that is skilled in foreclosure defense.

Are you looking to avoid foreclosure of your home?

The American dream of owning your own home can turn into a nightmare when you are faced with losing that home in a damaging foreclosure. A foreclosure can seriously mar your credit and may make it difficult to obtain another home loan. If you are facing a foreclosure or if your mortgage lender has threatened foreclosure action, you should get skilled legal help right away from a legal professional. An attorney may be able to help you fight a foreclosure or seek other options that will help you get out from under a no-win mortgage situation.

Long Island Foreclosure Attorney

By getting the skilled representation of a foreclosure attorney as soon as possible you can learn more about what your legal choices are in the situation. An experienced lawyer with Jacoby & Jacoby has helped clients in Long Island, Nassau County, Suffolk County and surrounding areas avoid foreclosure through strong defense, a short sale, deed in lieu of foreclosure and other options. With the housing bubble bust, more and more Long Islanders have found themselves in a very difficult situation in recent years. We have successfully helped clients put a stop to foreclosure and we may be able to help you!

Contact a Long Island foreclosure lawyerat our firm today to find out more about your options. It may be possible to keep your home or avoid foreclosure actions.

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