Credit Problems after Divorce

By Law Office of Michael P. Forbes  Nov. 3, 2011 5:32p

Part of the divorce settlement is deciding on who is responsible for debts incurred during the marriage.  Even if the divorce agreement itself specifies that certain debts are to be paid by your ex-spouse, what happens if they default on the agreement?  Creditors will start coming after you as most likely, the debt was incurred while you were still married and your name is still associated with the debt.  In this situation, it would be wise to consult with an experienced attorney to help you resolve the problem and avoid creditor harassment.

Are you having credit card problems in Philadelphia?

You may be in a situation where a credit card was in your name and your ex has run it up to its limit, denies knowledge of the expenditures, and the outstanding debt falls in your lap; unfortunately this is not an uncommon occurrence.  There are options available to you when problems like these arise and a Philadelphia debt collector abuse lawyer can help you determine which solution would be best for you.  Take positive action to remedy the situation before your credit rating is destroyed and spare yourself the potential embarrassment and degradation involved in battling off hungry creditors.

Help is Available from a Philadelphia Debt Collector Abuse Attorney

At the Law Office of Michael P. Forbes, we specialize in debt collector abuse and we have helped many clients in this type of situation throughout the years. We have methods of removing your name from an ex-spouse's debt so that collection agencies do not continue to harass you. We know how to stop abusive techniques commonly used by collectors so you can regain peace of mind.  It is possible that you may even be able to collect money from those trying to collect from you if they have violated collection laws.

For aggressive and effective solutions to debt collection problems, contact a Philadelphia debt collector abuse lawyer from our office today.

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