Joseph P. Doyle Articles Bankruptcy Attorney’s Quick Work Saves Family Home

Bankruptcy Attorney’s Quick Work Saves Family Home

By Law Office of Joseph P. Doyle  Jun. 25, 2012 3:04p

A local man recently opened up about the tragedies he and his family experienced years before due to his wife's secret addiction to gambling. The DuPage County man wanted to share his story but wished to protect his family's privacy by being referred to as "Clarence". Clarence described how nearly 10 years ago, his life and that of his wife and children were changed forever when a real estate agent came knocking at his door. He was aware that his wife enjoyed time away from the kids and on her own at casinos every now and then but he had no idea that her "every now and then" was actually much more frequent and was a serious gambling addiction. Clarence had been faithfully signing over paychecks to his wife who handled all the household bills and finances including the mortgage payments. But on that day in 2003, he found out about his wife's addiction when the real estate agent told him that he either signs foreclosure papers right then or else his home would be up for auction the next day. He found out that they were deeply in debt and that his wife had not paid the mortgage for a year. All the money had been spent on slot machines in casinos—his wife continually thinking she would be able to hit that jackpot and win it all back and more.

Man Seeks Help of Bankruptcy Lawyer on Short Deadline

Clarence had very little time to fully process the whole situation but knew that the first thing he had to do was take action to prevent the loss of the home he and his three kids dearly loved. He was able to obtain the services of a bankruptcy attorney that day. The attorney acted quickly to get documents in order and filed to prevent the house auction. That was the first step for Clarence in regaining control of his family's finances and future.

Do you need the help of a bankruptcy attorney?

If you have found yourself in debt over your head, whether it was rather sudden or has been building up, a bankruptcy attorney may be able to help you get a fresh start. At the law offices of Joseph P. Doyle a dedicated and knowledgeable lawyer has helped clients throughout DuPage County get the help they need when deciding what the best course of action is. Contact our firm today to discuss your case and find out what options may be available to you so you can be on the road to financial stability!

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