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Flint May File for Bankruptcy

The Genesee County commission chairman has stated that the city of Flint may want to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy unless city labor leaders agree to deeper cuts in wages and benefits. The mayor of Flint does not want to file for Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Chapter 9 is reserved for municipalities to protect them for creditors. The chairman believes that the chance to change contracts in a bankruptcy would be a primary benefit of a Chapter 9 filing.

No one wants to file for bankruptcy, but there are cases in which this is the best decision for a person or company to make. You should understand the process of filing and go about it in the correct manner so that your case is resolved in the best possible way. You do not want to have to suffer further.

By working with a bankruptcy attorney you can proceed forward with your case in the most beneficial way. You deserve to be able to move forward with your life and a bankruptcy lawyer will be able to help you with just that. Please take some time today to contact an attorney who will always have your best interest in mind during this difficult time.

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