July, 2011 Articles

How to Determine if Bankruptcy is Your Next Step

Financial stress is no stranger to many Californians as many are having a difficult time making ends meet. The majority of people want to pay their bills and keep their financial agreements, but life ...
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Foreclosure Defense Can Save Your Home

It was estimated earlier this year that millions of homeowners would be losing their homes this year. Many people got caught up purchasing homes that they could not truly afford and are now in dire ...
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Foreclosure and Bankruptcy Guides

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Florida’s Foreclosures – When Will it End?

Florida Continues to Lead the Nation in Foreclosures According to RealtyTrac, which tracks foreclosures in all 50 states, Florida ranks as one of the highest states in foreclosure filings. In May of ...
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Foreclosure: How Time is On Your Side

Foreclosures Are Taking Much Longer It has gotten to be common knowledge that Florida has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. Along with the increasing number of foreclosures has come ...
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